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Two Hour Consultation

We'll discuss the target buyer for your home. Check the curb appeal to make sure buyers step through the door. Create a detailed plan of how to make every room appealing. Write an action plan, with priorities, so you know exactly what to do next. More details here...

Let me take the strain

After the two hour consultation you can use the action plan and do it yourself. Or I can stage your home for you. Staging work starts with me using the furniture and accessories you already have but differently. It can range from sourcing reliable tradespeople to paint a wall, to finding materials, or buying accessories that make a room pop. You can hand over all or a few of these jobs to me.

Empty house?

I'll furnish it. Empty homes often take longer to sell. Before you reduce the asking price, why not compare the proposed price drop to the costs of staging the property? I will personally pick out rental furniture to stage your home so buyers see its full potential.


Downsizing? Relocating? Overwhelmed? Moves and changes are stressful. I can help you re-organize your whole home, or a single room. This might be to get ready to sell, to use a space differently, or to accommodate family changes. I also work with families who have to prepare for estate sales after a loved one has passed away.

Just about to move in?

Your new home awaits! You've got a truckload of things you love. I can help you structure your rooms and find the perfect spot for your favorite furniture. Let's showcase your treasures, and if there are wall colors you don't like or window treatments to source now's a great time to do that too.

Staging to stay

We need different things from our homes at different times in our lives. Maybe you want to stay where you are but need to reorganize your space. It's time for a refresh. Repurpose an empty nest for guests or Airbnb income. Get ideas for a low cost kitchen makeover. Let's make an action plan to declutter, and update. Reorganizing furniture and adding some new accessories can make you fall in love with your home all over again.


Staged homes sell faster and for a higher price.
Part of what makes our house a home are the little things that stamp our personality on it: photos of great times shared with family members, the precious objects collected on trips or given by our nearest and dearest.

These quirky objects and our personal color schemes make us smile. But these are often the same things that remind potential buyers that the house is NOT their home, they see other people's lives, someone else's taste all around them.

When I stage your home my goal is to create a house that buyers can easily imagine themselves living in. Together we'll work out what memories to safely pack away so new ones can be made.

Staging makes your and your buyer's dreams come true. Want more information about why staging is so popular across America? Read on...
“Jane's advice was quick to implement and we fell in love with our house all over again! So did our buyers and we sold for a great price.” LISA
“My place had been lying dormant on the market for several months but after a weekend of Jane staging it was sold the very next week.” MARK
“We wouldn’t have thought to make the changes that Jane recommended.” ANDREW

Contact me

Ready to prepare your property so that it is Absolutely Fabulous?

Email me to schedule a free introductory phone call. Or to book a two hour home consultation.

After the consultation I'll present you with a clear action plan and you can take it from there to keep costs low.
Time-permitting, I'll also immediately stage some areas.

Or leave it all to me and I'll stage your house, furnished or unfurnished, from top to toe.
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