We’ll discuss the target buyer for your home in order to present your home so that it appeals to the most likely, and largest number of, buyers.

Who your target buyer is depends on your property’s price range, location and the way it’s laid out. If your real estate agent has not discussed the target buyer with you then it’s a good idea to call them before our staging consultation and ask them for their opinion. You might be surprised at who they think your most likely buyer is!

For example, a house with lots of stairs and a reliance on wood burning stoves will be less appealing as a retirement home. If you can’t alter enough of these characteristics through home staging, it is better to decorate with a more appropriate buyer in mind.


Have pen and paper ready to take notes! I’ll give you a detailed review of what to do to increase your home’s curb appeal.

House hunters form their first impression as they drive up to your home, so curb appeal is key. Remember that possible buyers might drive around soon after seeing the listing, before making a viewing appointment. Some busy buyers will cancel house viewings just because they don’t like the outside of a home.

My advice for increasing curb appeal might include anything from painting your mailbox to landscaping, from cleaning your windows to painting your siding a different color.


I’ll produce a detailed report of everything that you need to do to make every room in your home more appealing to the target buyer.

This is a room by room inventory of what you need to do, including lists of repairs; painting (with color advice); cleaning; things to store elsewhere, sell or give away; furniture and accessories to rearrange; additions such as furniture or accessories to be borrowed, rented or purchased.

When I leave you will have an action plan, with priorities. If we have time left over I will stage some areas for you. You can choose to ask me to stay longer and stage more for you there and then, or decide to get me back another time.