To save money, would you wear old worn clothes to a job interview? Make your own wedding cake? My guess is that your answer is “no”.  So, why prepare your house for sale on your own?

The investment writer, Marjorie A. Cohen, says “The cost of staging by a professional […] can mean money in the bank for you. If staging helps you sell your home sooner (keeps it from being out there so long that people start wondering what’s wrong with it); if it saves you a month or more of carrying expenses; if it creates the kind of buzz that brings in offers above ask – your money is well spent.

As real estate lawyer, Ilona Bray says, “Even if your house is already in pretty good shape, you’ll inevitably find yourself working on basic things like choosing new paint colors, hiring workers, and shopping for the perfect table runner and fresh new doormat. The hours you’ll spend on these tasks add up quickly — while hiring a stager means that most of it will happen like magic, while you turn your attention to the numerous other things on your plate.”


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