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Declutter, clean and warm up the bathroom

BEFORE: too much stuff left out, no luxury focal points

I’ve posted about making a bathroom more spa-like. Now let’s consider some details from that project. This master bathroom was one of 8 rooms that I staged in a day and half. During my 2 hour consultation I took photos and planned the staging. This is a lovely big bathroom and I wanted to draw attention to the big soaking tub and the vanity which is well-lit and nicely-made.

My clients followed instructions I sent about preparation, removing a lot of toiletries, cleaning cabinet drawers and neatening up. I did some more decluttering, added plants and accessories. Carefully arranged glass bottles and a narrow flower arrangement are reflected and sparkle in the very clean mirror. This is a busy family that need quick access to some things on the vanity surface. So, I used a basket from their basement storage for a lot of their small things, then covered it with a new hand-towel and soaps.

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